Who are We?

SJP Partners in Care (PIC) is a 50/50 partnership between St. John Providence and The Physician Alliance – a physician organization comprised of more than 2300 physicians in SE Michigan.

PIC Board provides Leadership for its activities through the following physician-sponsored committees:

  1. Utilization and Quality Improvement Committee
  2. Finance and Contracting Committee

What do We Do?

St. John Providence is taking a huge step forward in being a healthcare delivery system that delivers coordinated care to patient populations through a lifetime of health management. Creation of SJP Partners in Care is a keystone to delivering care in the era of health care payment reform. Because payers such as CMS, BCBSM and others are transitioning from a fee for service model to new reimbursement models for managing the health of populations, SJP Partners in Care will be better positioned for success.

SJP Partners in Care:

SJP Physician Endorsed Health Plans and Programs


PCMHPatient Centered Medical Home update

Congratulations to our 355 primary care physicians and 132 practices that achieved Blue Cross Blue Shield Patient Centered Medical Home designation!